For any homeowner that wants to an additional way to heat a large room, a vent-free fireplace from eFireplaceStore is a perfect solution. Vent-free fireplaces are highly efficient units that don't require additional venting, which means that you won't have to fuss with a venting pipes or chimneys. Their lack of venting makes them ideal for any home that can't fit or support a chimney.

When it comes to efficiency, the vent-free fireplaces from eFireplaceStore won't lose their heat out the flue, unlike traditional fireplaces. And the precise engineering of these fireplaces meant that their burners create an almost perfect combustion, so there is less exhaust and no dangerous gases created. However, these units have to be installed in the correct sized rooms. Attempting to install them in too small rooms will results in the unit frequently shutting off.

Ventless fireplaces offer a wide range of accessories and installation styles. For instance, if you got a one of the clean face fireplaces from eFireplaceStore, you can installed your fireplace directly into the wall without needing trim or additional surround. It's a perfect option for a home with modern styled decor. Or if you're interested in a higher wall installation and the ability to frame your fireplace like a picture, there are many that offer just that style. With a ventless fireplace, you have a lot of options in everything from how it looks to where you install it.